Think Small Ofsted Registered Professional Childminder



Indoor Activities:


I have a very comprehensive range of educational toys and equipment to suit all ages and stages of development such as construction toys, Lego, K’nex, puzzles, craft materials, art trolley, home corner and kitchen, role play, farm, garage, dolls, puppets, musical instruments and items to encourage imagination and creativity.


I have Treasure Baskets for younger children with natural objects including: shells, sponges, brushes, spoons, pumice, ribbons, pine cones, corks, mirrors, textures etc. to encourage and stimulate the self exploratory senses.


Outside Activities:


I have a large grassed garden, with mature fruit trees that give shade and is totally safe and secure.  There is a covered sandpit, water tray, play tunnels, play house, low level climbing frame, ride-on bikes, skittles, balls, hoops, a mud kitchen, digging patch and chickens to care for.



A child’s day will include free choice activities, as well as guided activities, crafts, cutting and sticking, drawing and painting to develop fine motor skills, dough, corn silk, storytime, singing and music with signing.


Time is set aside for physical play and free play for enhancing gross motor skills, with a vast range of toys and artifacts to stimulate the imagination, challenge intellectually and encourage and support independence in learning.


Children have access to all the toys and equipment stored on low level shelves and they are encouraged to select for themselves and put away when wanting to move on to something new.

'Explore new activities and develop their own unique creativity.'