Meals, Snacks & Refreshments


I am able to provide a healthy home cooked lunch to

suit all dietary needs, including wheat, egg and dairy free.  I am also familiar with nut allergies and trained in Epipen use.


Examples of a menu:

  • Roast chicken or lamb

  • Fish or chicken fillets

  • Home made salmon fishcakes

  • Casseroles, fresh lamb, chicken

  • Shepherd’s or Fish pie

  • Pasta dishes such as Carbonara, Bolognaise, Lasagne


All dishes are served with fresh vegetables, I also offer curry, and noodles, rice and risotto dishes, and we celebrate various festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Purim and Shrove Tuesday with relevant treats.


Puddings are usually yoghurt, fresh fruit, crumbles and custard, rice pudding, and fromage frais.


Snacks: Pita, humous, bread sticks, cheese, apple, fresh fruit, bagels, crumpets etc.

'Meal times are social times, where new skills and tastes can be developed.'

Think Small Ofsted Registered Professional Childminder

Milk, or water from the cooler.


I always sit with the children when they are eating and model good table manners by example and gentle reminders. Children use napkins and are encouraged to serve each other, and we use this as an opportunity to discuss food, nutrition and the day or experiences from home or holidays.